Arlington E WRF PS

Arlington East WRF Plant Water Pump Station Improvements
JEA, Jacksonville, FL

The Arlington East Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) previously utilized two 75 HP centrifugal pumps to distribute reuse water through the plant distribution system. The pump station supplies reuse water for various uses such as equipment wash water, odor control makeup water, spray water for foam control, and irrigation. As the facility expanded, the demand for reuse water increased to the point where both pumps were needed to meet peak demand. In order to improve redundancy, JEA retained Constantine Engineering to facilitate the replacement of these pumps. 

The first phase of this project was to quantify onsite water demands and to develop a hydraulic model to verify the flow and pressure requirements. The hydraulic model was prepared using KYPipe, and was based on record documents. Six model runs were prepared to verify that peak demands could be met.  In addition, hydraulic improvements to the distribution system were identified along with recommended corrective actions. These included completing a hydraulic loop in the plant distribution system, upsizing the pump station discharge and providing booster pumps for washwater required by the elevated influent mechanical screens and washer/conveyor/compactor units.

The required flow rate to meet peak system demands was 1,200 gpm at 100 psi compared to the original pumps operating at 900 gpm and 75 psi. Working closely with JEA staff, it was determined that the recommended pumps would need to be rearranged due to space constraints. The piping was reconfigured to allow the existing dry pit to be utilized with minimal structural modifications. System surge protection was also included in the design by providing a pressure relief valve.

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