Dekalb-Jackson WTP

Dekalb-Jackson Water Treatment Plant
Dekalb-Jackson Water Supply District, AL

The DeKalb Jackson Water Supply District is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in northeast Alabama. The Sand Mountain Water Authority and the North Jackson Water Authority formed the Water Supply District for the sole purpose of building a water treatment plant on the Tennessee River to supply potable water to the two water authorities.  This new water treatment plant supplies the majority of the water needed to operate these two independent systems. 

The DeKalb Jackson Water Supply District hired Constantine Engineering professionals to provide the preliminary feasibility analysis, project design engineering, project permitting, project bid services, construction management, and inspection.

This $5.9 million project includes a 3-million gallon per day surface water treatment plant, which uses pretreatment to remove excess solids, a coagulant to form a floc, sodium hypochlorite for disinfection, settling tubes, and membrane-based ultra filtration modules for primary and secondary filtration.  This ultra filtration project is notable in that it is the first surface water treatment membrane facility in Alabama.

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