Frank Satterfield WPCP

Frank Satterfield WPCP Improvements
City of Perry, GA

Since 1966, the City of Perry (GA) has owned and operated the Frank Satterfield WPCP. The existing plant was rated at an average daily flow (ADF) capacity of 3.0 million gallons per day (mgd). The historic influent ADF over the previous 12 months had been approximately 2.1 mgd.   The City contracted with Constantine Engineering to upgrade the facility to stay ahead of the growth curve, prepare for more stringent discharge permit limits, and to ensure continued plant performance reliability and operator flexibility.  This project included design of modifications to the existing headworks to install a second mechanical spiral screen and a second grit removal system; a new lime containment area and lime pump building; a new 80’ diameter secondary clarifier; three (3) new RAS pumps; two (2) new tertiary effluent filters; post aeration improvements; and a new Parshall flume. Following these improvements, the City of Perry saw increased reliability and redundancy in their unit processes and was able to meet stringent federal and state permit limits.

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