Lemoyne WM

Highway 43 Water Main Extension
LeMoyne Water System, AL

Constantine Constructors and Constantine Engineering teamed to provide a unique Design-Build-Finance solution to a schedule, budget, and logistics challenge for the LeMoyne Water System in North Mobile County, Alabama.

One of LeMoyne’s primary customers expanded its steel manufacturing facility in 2011-2012, significantly increasing their demand for potable and industrial water.  LeMoyne needed to extend their water transmission main on U.S. Highway 43 and Roger Phillips Road to supply a new metered connection to the expanded facility.  Through an economic incentive grant from Mobile County, the industrial customer was to reimburse LeMoyne for the bulk of the project costs over a three-year period.  However, LeMoyne faced budget and schedule challenges to accommodate the aggressive April 2012 service deadline.

By employing a Design-Build-Finance alternative project delivery method, Constantine was able to fast track engineering design, ROW and railroad-crossing permitting and pipeline construction activities, and provide LeMoyne the funding necessary to bridge the gap between project costs and reimbursement from their industrial customer.  The 7,500-LF pipeline extension and compound meter connection were completed within budget and ahead of the critical deadline.

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