Groundwater Water Treatment Plant No. 3
City of Perry, GA

Perry hired Constantine in 2016 to complete a project to decommission WTP No. 1 and Well Nos. 4 and 5; add two (2) new 1400 gpm wells to replace Well Nos. 4 and 5; construct a new WTP No. 3 with (2) 1-MGD treatment trains to replace WTP No. 1; and provide high service pumping connections to the two existing distribution zones.  The future addition of a 1-MGD treatment train and additional high service pumps (incorporated into the design) will allow for a future flow of 6 MGD to meet the 20-year flow projection.  Two (2) new 1400 gpm groundwater wells (Well Nos. 6 and 7) were test drilled and pumped to replace Well Nos. 4 and 5.  The new wells withdraw water from the Cretaceous (Dublin-Midville) Aquifer. Constantine was responsible for the hydrogeological studies and permitting for Wells 6 and 7. 

Constantine provided the following services:  surveying, geotechnical, permitting, hydrogeological review and design, treatment plant design (30%, 60%, 90%, 100%), bid services, Drinking Water SRF Loan Administration, construction administration, resident observation, startup and testing, and project closeout documents.   Permitting included environmental  review of Wetlands, Floodplain/River Corridors, Water Supply, Water Resources, Groundwater Recharge Areas, Stormwater Runoff, Wastewater, Air Quality, Solid Wastes, Soil Stability and Erosion, Protected Mountains, Protected Species, Critical Habitats, Historical, Archaeological, Parks and Recreation, Energy Supplies, Beaches, Dunes, Shoreline, Estuary, Forest Land, Barrier Island, Aquatic Life and Trout Streams, Noise, Farm Land, Site, Safety, Energy Use, Water Conservation, Coastal Zone Management Area, Water Withdrawal, System Operation, Wastewater Load, Cross-Connection Control and Environmental Justice.

WTP No. 3 treatment processes include 316 SST forced draft tower aerators with PVC trays, flocculation and dual media filters for iron and manganese removal following oxidation in the aerators, and disinfection. A 1.0 MG prestressed concrete ground storage reservoir is included for chlorine contact time to achieve the required contact time (CT) value required by EPD to achieve a 4-Log removal as required for disinfection.  The clearwell includes internal curtain-type geomembrane baffles to prevent short-circuiting.  The high service pumps include three (3) total pumps:  two (2) vertical turbine pumps each rated at 2-MGD for a total pumping capacity of 2-MGD to the high pressure zone with one (1) pump operating and one (1) standby pump; and one (1) vertical turbine pump rated at 1-MGD dedicated to the low pressure zone.  The high service pumps have variable speed drives and the SCADA/PLC monitors and maintains system pressure in the AUTO setting.  A magnetic flow meter is provided on the discharge header of the high pressure zone pumps, and also on the discharge of the low pressure zone pump. 

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