APWRF Expansion Concrete Pour

General Consulting Services

Consulting engineering is the cornerstone of Constantine Engineering, Inc. With extensive backgrounds in engineering consulting, our professionals are highly qualified in providing planning and design related services throughout the Southeast United States for federal, state, and local agencies and municipalities.

Our professionals have a unique perspective, having worked both as design engineers and also as contract utility operators to resolve water, wastewater, and other environmental engineering challenges. This has allowed us to develop innovative approaches to address our clients’ needs. Frequently, we have crafted unique solutions by integrating both engineering and operations enhancements.

Master Planning

Constantine Engineering professionals have developed water supply master plans and overall water and sewer utility master plans for some of the largest utilities in the Southeast, and several small ones. Our master plan experience includes evaluating existing unit processes and facilities; projecting future demands and services; assessing expansion and improvement alternatives; reviewing permitting and regulatory impacts; developing capital improvements programs; and considering alternative funding and rate scenarios.

Value Engineering

Value engineering (VE) studies can be a useful tool to identify and evaluate alternative design concepts that may improve the cost-effectiveness, increase the sustainability, or minimize schedule conflicts within a project. Constantine Engineering professionals are experienced in performing project-specific VE analyses. Our professionals are experienced in water, wastewater, and public works design concepts, construction techniques, and operation and maintenance which make us uniquely qualified to identify high value enhancements. Our professionals don’t simply identify small insignificant modifications that may reduce costs but also may reduce sustainability or operation and maintenance flexibility.

SSES & I/I Studies

Excessive infiltration and in flow (I/I) disrupts a wastewater utility in many ways. I/I can overload a collection system to the point of costly over flows; it causes higher operations and maintenance costs; and it can lead to treatment plant upsets. Constantine has the experience and expertise necessary to investigate and analyze infiltration and in flow, and to develop effective programs to mitigate its effects.

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